Build long-term growth and success

Many modern organizations are designed around extracting value. “Strip mining” staff. Coddling and then pillaging customers. Destroying ecosystems. All for short-term gain. The results? High staff turnover, burned out and frustrated employees, a shrinking and angry customer base, and a ravaged ecosystem.

There is a better way. Re-design your organization and teams with a growth mindset. With fast, real-time feedback, a high level of frictionless information flow, and independent, high-performance teams, The GROWS Method®’s Continuous Paradigm will help insure your success and growth over the long term.

Don’t let your organization fall prey to the “Enshittification” principle.

So What Does It Take?

Scrum, Lean, DevOps and agile approaches are each only one small part of modern software development. To be successful, you need more. You need to fill in the missing pieces, both in workflow and in the environment

Old-fashioned, static organizations fail every day. Don't be one of them. You need a dynamic, growth approach with the GROWS Method.®

Modern software development needs a flexible, responsive development workflow with fast feedback that embraces the full Continuous Paradigm—not just "continuous delivery." But to get that, you need all the right supporting elements in your environment.

How We Can Help:

NEW: Our Refactor Your Wetware Public Workshops now available.

Our 3-day Grows Method workshop and Project Simulation workshop can help.

The GROWS Method® leverages the best that we've learned with current approaches and places them in an inclusive, sustainable, growth-centric environment, customized to fit the most important team of all—yours.

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"And by the way, thanks for the GROWS Method®. One of the few reasonable things out there in the agile space.".
—Urs Enzler, Software Architect, Zug, CH

"I used a GROWS starting path at a client in 2021. It was highly effective. The 'trick' was to take 'agree to try' really seriously, doing multiple rounds of 'creating psychological safety' and 'agree to try'.
—Malte Fiala, Enterprise Architect, Vienna, AT

"I especially like the GROWS Method® fixed-rate understanding of team velocity. I've used that idea on a project where I was able to show that given our task list and our current velocity (reported daily on a wall calendar), we needed help. We got it, and I was then able to show we were on track."
—Mike B., Victoria, BC

"The themes that hit closest to home for me were aligning my work with Executive Vision/Initiatives, permitting Experimentation and tracking my growth through a Learning Journal. I recommend learning how the GROWS Method® can help your team grow through the application of Agile and Lean methodologies and beyond."
—Harold M., RTP, NC

"Best presentation of the conference. Best articulation of the usefulness, right use, and limitations of agile."
—An Introduction to The GROWS Method®, Agile Development Conference East

"Spread this information to masses—this is what the real world needs"
—Zemira L., The GROWS Method® Tutorial

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