• Is the habit worded such that people can easily understand it? Have we avoided jargon and “agile” buzzwords?
  • Does this experiment specify an explicit timebox—how long to run the experiment? It should usually be pretty short.
  • Does this experiment lead you through the steps of:
    • Identify Feedback →
    • Perform an Experiment →
    • Get Feedback →
    • Make Small Adjustments (if needed)
  • Is this habit appropriate to the skill stage?
    • habits in stages 1 and 2 need a checklist with concrete, unambiguous steps (that do not require judgment). The emphasis should be on safety and basic hygiene only.
    • habits in stage 3 should provide a recipe (“cook until done” is okay at this stage; critical thinking is required).
    • habits in stage 4 should help you generate your own mental models, so you can tune your habits for custom fit and local adaptations.
    • habits in stage 5 should help you teach your models and experience, and replicate your success.
  • Does this habit encourage small steps?
  • How does this habit degrade? What will people misunderstand and misapply, and how will that hurt them?
  • Do you have any great stories (success or antipatterns) you could contribute?

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